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HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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Here's a fun quiz for me to get to know you and for you to meet some new "friends"! Spend some time on in! It's the first one of many others coming up every friday! Have any questions? Email me at

Here's my first one!!!

1. What's your name?
2. How old are you?
3. What's your natural hair color?
4. What's your eye's color?
5. What age of guys/girls do you prefer?
6. Do you prefer dating a guy/girl that is taller/shorter then you?
7. What sport(s) do  you like?
8. What's the average of your marks at school? (A,B,C+,C,C-)
9. What kind of music do you prefer? (rap, pop, ect.)
10. What's your favorite singer/group?
11. What's your favorite drink?
12. Have you dated before? If "yes", when was your first (more then two weeks) time? (your age)
13. Do you live in a high-rise or a house? Is that what you prefer?
14. What's your favorite game (cards/board)?
15. Where do you think is the best place to date?
16. What is one thing you really hate?
17. What do you usually want to do/do when you're bored?
18. What would you want to happen/do right this second after you finish the quiz?
19. Where do you usually go to spend some time with your friends or to find yourself new "duudes" to hang out with?
20. What's your dream place(s) to visit?
21. What do you think you need to have a complete happy life?
22. What's your e-mail?
23. Your ICQ number? (if ya have one)




What song do you like best?
"Turn off the light" (Nelly F.)
"Ride with me" (Nelly)
"Country Grammar" (Nelly)


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