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HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

     Welcome to Maywood Elementary!

       As ya've probably already read in the "About Oxana K." section that Maywood was my third school in Canada. This was my last year of elementary school. Grade 7 was very important to me and I was looking forward to have some great time during my last year before I go to High School.

      "So far as of right now  I like
Maywood as an O'K school, a little bit weird, (don't feel like saying - why), but it's all right." - were my words on March 2nd.

      "I'm in Mr. Hutton's class - grade 7 only. He's pretty funny, but sometimes he gets serious and embarrasses me. I feel like he's enjoying embarrassing kids in front of the whole class!"

THere was also another class of grade 6's and 7's. Here are some grade 7's:


  Girlz: -Susy
-Oxana (me)
-Samantha (moved)

In this next section I'll go starting at the top with the ones I think are normal to the bottom ending up with wierdos...


Guyz: -Milos J.
-Erman (see baby picture!)
-James (the winner of the wierdos!)
... sooner or later ya'll see some pictures and descriptions of those people...

P.S. - save your time and check this site as soon as ya can!


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