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Oksana K. lives in Canada with her mom and dad. The rest of her family still lives in Russia. Her mom is 31 and her dad is 34 years old. Her dad is a programmer and her mum is learning stuff for  her job... Oksana, her mum and her dad has been in Canada for more one and a half year. 
 Oksana has both sets of grandparents (mum's and dad's), three cousins: 17 years old Dennis, 7 years old Bella, and little Kate. She has two aunts and one uncle. Oksana's mum's relatives live in Anapa, Russia. Her dad's family lives in Kiev in the Ukraine. The whole family is divided in three different parts, which live in three different countries. And it wasn't that easy for Oksana to move to Canada and this is one of the reasons - why... 

(Oxana's mum and dad are on the picures by the sides)    



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