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These people are the ones that I respect and know the most. These people are the ones that helped me ones or more and that I believe will help me again! These are the people that respect me and remember me. I like these people the most out of all I know. They're all helpful and needed. And I thank these people for who they are! I did, do and will call them - FRIENDS. Here are the pictures of them and information about them under:
All the family members are at the bottom of the page.
The order that all these people are put in does not make them better then the others.

Dasha, one of my Russian best friends. Was born on May 18th, 1985.

Katia - one of the funniest friends I ever had - She's Russian. Was born in 1987.


Alice (on the left). She's Russian, lives in North Van, B.C., Canada. One of the funniest people I know! Me and Alice have our own Math Club - since we're so alike - that ya can visit and sign in. (left top of the page)  Was born in 1988.

Kristina, one of my Russian friends. Was born in 1986.

Irem - use to be one of my first best friends in Canada - she's Turkish. Was born in 1987.

Nadia. She speaks Russian and lives in Surrey, B.C., Canada. She is one of the most common people that I have fun with. Was born in May, 1988.


John () - One of my Russian friends. Born in 1985.

Ally (), I just met her before I was gone to Canada.

She was a new girl in our dance club in Russia. After a while she became the best one in there... Was born in 1987.


Sveta, one of my Russian best friends. Born in 1987.


Zoia () - one of my Russian friends and class mates in grade 5. Was born in 1988.


Julia, one of my Russian friends. I met her in 1998. She was born in 1986. 


Julia, one of my Russian friends. Born in 1986.

Lena, my Russian friend.


Irena, one of my Russian friends. Born in 1987.


Family Members!

(not all of Oxana's family members are placed on the pictures)





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