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      Oxana K. was born on March 29th, 1988 in Russia. She liked sport dancing since she was 4 years old. She's joined a dance group in 2nd grade and that's when her dream years begun... She loved her dancing group, never missed a practice and always went there with an enjoyment. She attended many performances. Oxana's been moving a lot. In one city she 's lived in 6 different placed in 7 1/2 years. That was one of the reasons she was known all around the city of Krasnodar. Just before her 9th birthday her parents actually bought an apartment, where Oxana's lived for just over 2 years, which made her very comfortable in her neighborhood. Oxana's neighborhood friends were grades 7-10, when she was just about to go into grade 5! But even at that point every one respected her as one of the "home girls". Oxana was a strait A's student up until grade 6, which was just when she moved to Canada. Grade 3 and 5 were Oxana's favorite years so far. ------   A year later on June 27th she's got her tickets to Canada. That was a really hard time for Oxana. She had to say "Good bye" to all of her friends, her boyfriend, dance club, popularity, school and home... She went to Canada only with her mum and dad so she had to miss spending time with the rest of her family. When she arrived to Richmond, B.C., Canada and went into 6th grade she was kind aaa.. interested of goin' to school. When she arrived to Richmond, B.C., Canada and went into 6th grade she was kind aaa.. interested of goin' to school  for a couple of months. But then she started hatin' all the people and people started hatin' her. She begun to be a really unpopular and dumb person. Her hardest time was when the millennium  2000 went on... In July, 2000 she had a German boyfriend. They broke up at the end of August. 3\4 of the summer vocation she worked at a flower seller for six hours a day in Burnaby.
         On September third Oxana went to see a concert of Britney Spears, The Spice Girls and Backstreet boys. That was her best day of the summer vocation!
          Her mind about school has finally changed when she went into another school. She really liked her new friends, not only they were popular but they liked Oxana as a person and she liked them!... She had whole bunch of friends went to a lot of dances and had so much fun that she was goin' crazy!
           Eventually she had to move again. This time it was - Burnaby. She also had to go to a new school - Maywood Elementary, which she was afraid of. But everythin' worked out pretty well. On January 10th she had one of the most unbelievable days! She saw one of her classmates back to Cook Elementary! She almost forgot about Cook school, so she relaxed. But she guesses that that school is never gonna get out of her mind!!! 
           Right now Oxana K.'s just turned 13 and is still very young and new to this world. She hopes to achieve her goals for the starting of her teenage life. 


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